Assertiveness Skills Training

w/ Dr. Jacqueline Noonan

Relationships are primary to our feelings of fulfillment. In these relationships conflict is inevitable. If you do not possess the necessary skills to navigate these conflicts they are likely to fester, leading to a snowball of problems, such as feelings of loneliness, disconnection, unhappiness, anxiety, and possibly depression. 

Don't let that happen to you and your relationships! Learning assertiveness skills to manage conflict effectively is essential in maintaining healthy relationships. People are often surprised that conflict is necessary and should not always be perceived in a negative light. Conflict can not always be avoided, but we can learn the skills to respond to and manage it. 

Assertiveness training does just that. I will teach you to not be so afraid of conflict, but to keep a level head, respond rather than react, and advocate for your needs.

Why is Assertiveness Important?

According to Psychology Today: A person who is assertive clearly communicates their wishes and sets boundaries, but does not make demands of other people or lash out if requests are not met. The ability to be assertive allows someone to make overtures to other people and stand up for themselves or others in a nonaggressive way. It can also protect them from bullies and other social predators.

From a cognitive standpoint, assertive people experience fewer anxious thoughts, even when under stress. From a behavioral standpoint, assertive people are firm without being rude. They react to positive and negative emotions without becoming aggressive or resorting to passivity.

What do I get when I participate in the Assertiveness Skills Group?

This 7 week workshop focuses on teaching skills, supported by research, to be more successful at assertiveness and managing conflicts in your relationships. 

  • Understand conflict and why it is a necessary component to loving, lasting attachment.
  • Explore your own barriers to assertiveness
  • Learn how to change your thought process to be more assertive and successful at managing conflict 
  • Learn what assertive communication means and different styles of communication
  • Learn how to express your emotions and needs assertively
  • Learn different strategies to talk with difficult people
  • Learn the 6 Steps to Conflict Resolution

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